The 2018 registration form will be posted here as soon as it is availble. 


► Please contact Kym Leibham at or 920-207-0222 with any questions.

Ya Hey!


Dis heres Fritz Boygan (dats me on the da left side of dat there picture) an on behaf a da Sheboygan Jaycees me an my lovely lil mustard cup Helga (she's da short one in dat picture) are really proud once ta present to ya, da Brat Eating Contest, enso! 

Ifn yer lookin for some good clean wholesome fun, we gottit! An ifn yer lookin for some raucous debauchery wit a touch of gluttony, I guess we got dat too. Most of all, what we got is a side splittin good time. Dis extremely fine culinary competition will have ya laughin so hard, yool be stepping an fetchin like an old maid playin stoop tag in an asparagus patch! 

Anyhoo, she's gonna be happenin on Saturday at about 12:00PM, down by Kiwanis Park. Dis here event been goin on since Nineteen Fiddy Tree and shes still goin strong, almost as strong as da aroma commin offa Ma's blood sausage an head cheese tent, oh ya! 

Now ifn yer da big eater on da block an ya figure yer up for a lil consumption of mass quantities of bratwurst, ya might wanna enter an see how ya fare against sum a da finest brat eaters. Yous can do dat by reading da rules, sendin in da application, an givin da Jaycees ten bucks caus dey ain't givin out a free lunch ya know! An for da rest of us, we'll be looking fer ya down by da park once, enso! 

Sincerely Hey, 
Fritz & Helga 

Video of the 2016 Brat Eating Contest

General Information

1. Maximum of 20 contestants

  • Entry fee is $10 per person
  • Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The first 20 applications received via mail will be in the Brat Eating contest, all others will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Proof of identification is required on the day of the event.
  • Must sign a waiver form.
  • All contestants will receive a T-shirt and a Johnsonville Coupon for a free package of Johnsonville products.

2. Contest Starts at Noon on Saturday

  • 11:00 am to 11:30 am - All pre-registered contestants must check-in at the contest stage. Walk-in registrations will also be accepted and added to the waiting list.
  • 11:30 am - If any of the 20 pre-registered contestants have not checked-in, then people on the waiting list will be eligible to participate.
  • 11:45 am - The contest rules meeting begins and the 20 contestants are announced at the eating site.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.

3. The winner receives a grand prize consisting of:

  • $500 cash
  • $500 donation to one charity of your choosing: Sheboygan Jaycees Foundation, Neighbors Against Drugs, Boys and Girls Club, or the Sheboygan County Food Pantry
  • A year supply of Johnsonville products
  • The Brat Eating Champion trophy

4. First Responders will be on site


1. Contest will last 10 minutes.
2. Winner will be determined by number of brats consumed. That means when we call time what is in your mouth must be swallowed.
3. Brats will be "naked". There will be no buns or condiments.
4. You may bring your own beverages if you don't want to just have water.
5. No hurling or you will be disqualified and you have to clean-up your own mess.
6. No cheating!

Past Winners

The 2017 Brat Eating contest was cancelled due to low registration
2016 Blaize Koon:  17 Brats
2015 Teddy Delacruz:  21 Brats
2014 Travis Mizejewski:  18 Brats
2013 Bobby Smith:  20 Brats
2012 Walter Jacoby:  13 Brats
2011 Andrew Kogutkiewicz:  14 Brats
2010 Walter Jacoby:  12 Brats